Gateway Grad: Shayla Hampton

Shaya hampton



Graduation 2017









Shayla enrolled at Gateway in the spring of 2016. Public school was hard for Shayla. She said she needed a place where she could get the sup-port she needed. After doing some research about the program, Shayla concluded that Gateway had great potential to give her exactly what she needed. When she first started Gateway, Shayla immediately received the emotional support she needed from her counselors, teachers, and friends.
Shayla graduated at the end of Fall term 2016, and works at the Fox Theater serving the many actors, actresses and artists that perform at the theater. She also works at Amazon with the hope of eventually moving up the ladder to a higher paid position with more benefits. Additionally, She is currently pursuing a major in Business Administration and hopes to one day earn a PhD in Psychology.
Shayla strongly believes that if it wasn’t for Gateway, she wouldn’t be where she is today. Gateway helped Shayla finish school early and has given her a sense of direction. Sense of direction has helped Shayla become a responsible and productive member of society.


By Student Writer: Daivd T.

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